John P. Klingman

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John P. Klingman
Residing In New Orleans, LA USA
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Occupation architect/educator
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I worked in Boston for Payette Associates Architects from 1972-1981, my most important design team project was the fabulous Fairchild Biochemistry Building at Harvard. After grad school at Oregon, I moved to New Orleans in 1983 to teach in the School of Architecture at Tulane University. I have also been involved in numerous practice and writing projects. (See

School Story

I was the leader of the Tufts Marching Band in the 1967 and 1968 football seasons. Hating regimentation, I devised formations that could be learned in an hour of practice before each game. I also recruited friends to augment our forces by carrying unorthodox instruments like suitcases, a double bass or a bowling ball. One of my favorite formations was "the Parting of the Red Sea." We formed two lines abreast of the fifty yard line and (symbolically) rolled the bowling ball down the middle. Someday, I will pull out all of the mimeographed formation diagrams that I think I still have in my archive and share them. This was a lot of fun although of course I also caught some serious flak from people who thought...well you can imagine.

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