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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 40.3%

A:   287   Joined
B:   425   Not Joined


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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Alabama
2 live in Alaska
10 live in Arizona
51 live in California
15 live in Colorado
38 live in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
6 live in District Of Columbia
29 live in Florida
5 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
1 lives in Idaho
6 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Louisiana
20 live in Maine
25 live in Maryland
216 live in Massachusetts
2 live in Minnesota
2 live in Missouri
2 live in Nevada
27 live in New Hampshire
27 live in New Jersey
6 live in New Mexico
47 live in New York
14 live in North Carolina
7 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oklahoma
6 live in Oregon
16 live in Pennsylvania
5 live in Rhode Island
5 live in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
12 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
8 live in Vermont
12 live in Virginia
9 live in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
7 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in Nova Scotia
1 lives in Ontario
2 live in Quebec
1 lives in Colombia
2 live in Germany
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Panama
1 lives in Spain
2 live in Sweden
2 live in Switzerland
1 lives in Thailand
39 location unknown
87 are deceased


Welcome to Your Tufts University Class of 1969 Website!

50th Reunion Weekend May 16 - May 19, 2019 

This site was created by the 40th/45th Reunion Committee to ensure ALL members of our class are reconnected in anticipation of our 50th reunion in 2019.

You can upload photos to your personal profiles, reconnect with others, create photo galleries, and more.

Browse the site and play with the features.  You can't break anything!

This is YOUR site.  Let us know of any additional features you would like us to include.  We will try to accommodate your requests.

The In Memory page is now poplulated with classmates known by the Office of Alumni Relations and the reunion committee.  Pictures are from the senior yearbook or, if not available, the freshman directory.

Note: All classmates are listed on the Classmates Profile page, and those who have not joined the site will also be listed as Missing Classmates!

Contact with any questions.



Planning for our 50th reunion got underway in August.  The Tufts Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) sent emails an postcards to all classmates and has started to assemble a reunion planning committee of perhaps 40 people.

As of September 1, there are about 20 people on the commitee, and members will participate in the first meeting on Wednesday, September 5, at 4:00 PM, by phone and on site. 

The Class of 1968 has set a high bar for us to beat, with 50 committee members, over 200 reunion dinner attendees, 45% participation in class giving (of ANY amount), and $400,000 for the total class gift.  (If recollection serves, the glass gift comprises all gifts since the 45th reunion year.)

Click on Rachel Laquidara to send an inquiry about how you can help!  (You can copy and paste, if the link doesn't work for you.)

You must be logged in to submit this survey. Please use the login box in the upper right corner.

1)   * Are you planning to attend our 50th reunion?

  Not Sure

This is not a binding question. :)
2)   If planning to attend or Not Sure, how many in your party?

  4 or more

E.g., classmate and spouse/partner = 2, classmate, spouse/partner, and parole officer = 3.
3)   * How many previous Class of 1969 reunions have you attended?

  6 or more
4)   What special class events would you be interested in during the weekend? (Give enough of a description that the committee could act on it.)

Maybe a seminar on something of interest to you now that you never would have expected to be interested in. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!
5)   Would you be willing to donate to bring in a top-notch DJ from Connecticut to really ROCK our reunion party? (He made our 50th high school reunion and 70th birthday gala incredible events. Don Sugarman)


You won't believe what classmates are living nearby!

Check out the Where We Live feature on the right side of the Home Page!  

  • Click on a state or country to get a listing of classmates in that location.
  • Click on Show Classmates on Map and enter a location (US and Canada only), and zoom in to find nearby classmates.  NOTE: Only classmates who have joined the site are listed by name on the location map.

This past week, the records for 125 classmates who have not joined the site were updated to add their city and state, leaving 45 records with location unknown.  We are trying to reach out to those without known address by way of e-mails and phone calls.

Classmates are Joining and Re-Connecting!

As of 10/7/18 - 270 (37.9%) of 713  surviving classmates have joined the site and are filling in their profiles, uploading pictures, and happliy connecting with old friends.

PLEASE - Check the Really Missing Classmates.  These are people for whom the alumni office has no contact information at all.  If you know where these people are, please contact them to tell them about the site and/or send me their contact information at

PLEASE - E-mail your friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, fellow Beelzebubs or Jackson Jills, etc., to let them know about the site.  Find their name(s) on the Missing Classmates page.  Click on a name and follow the instructions for sending an e-mail OR just send them an e-mail with the web site address.

We are reaching out to those without known mailing addresses by way of e-mails and phone calls, and we will send postcards to those for whom we do not have valid emails or phone numbers listed.