50th Reunion Giving






Status at 4/19/19

Participation in class of 1969 50th reunion gift goal

Made a donation or pledge OF ANY AMOUNT between  7/1/18 and 6/30/19

  311 classmates

 213 classmates

 (98 to go)

Special challenge for   a Class of 1969    Scholarship

MATCHING GIFT - A generous donor will fund a Class of 1969 Scholarship for one year for a deserving student next fall, if we reach this goal.

  250 classmates

 213 classmates

 (ONLY 37 to go!)

Total given to the Tufts Fund in our 50th reunion year (July 1-June 30)

Total of cash gifts, multi-year pledges, and estate planning commitments



 ($67,566 to go)

Other Fundraising Milestones

Giving Since our 45th Reunion


 $2.5 Million

Packard Society – donation(s) of $1000 or more to the Tufts Fund (current year, July - June)

  50 classmates

 38 (12 to go)

Charles Tufts Society - Classmate has included Tufts in estate plan – cash and/or non-cash assets

  30 classmates

 22 (8 to go)



Scroll down for How to Give


HOW TO GIVE – See also Tufts Guide to Giving


Send a check with note that it is a donation for Class of 1969.  Include any designation, as for a particular school, scholarships, etc.

Credit card

Click on MAKE A GIFT

From IRA – tax free to count toward RMD

How to Make a Charitable IRA Rollover Gift – gift through retirement funds.

An Excellent Tax Benefit: This withdrawal counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and effectively reduces your Adjusted Gross Income.

  • Contact your IRA custodian and instruct them to make a Charitable IRA Rollover gift to Tufts and make the check out to "Trustees of Tufts College." You may need Tufts’ tax ID number, which is 04-2103634.
  • Have your IRA custodian send your gift to:
    Tufts University Gift Planning Office
    80 George Street, 3rd Floor
    Medford, MA 02155
  • When you speak with your IRA custodian, ensure that they will include information on the check that identifies you as the donor and this is a Class of 1969 donation.
  • The gift must be sent directly from your IRA custodian and not from your personal checking account.
  • To qualify toward the 50th Reunion class gift and participation, it must be delivered to Tufts by your IRA administrator on or before June 30. (If sent by mail, the postmark will determine the delivery date; if sent electronically, this is the date the gift reaches Tufts' account).
  • While the rollover does not provide you with a direct federal charitable income tax deduction, the amount donated will not be included in your taxable income as would taking the RMD.

Planned Gifts

See Gift Planning or contact Tufts Gift Planning Office (888-748-8387, Fax: 617-627-4541, or emailing giftplanning@tufts.edu).  By making a planned gift, you become a member of the Charles Tufts Society and are invited to the annual luncheon at Gifford House.